Governments ‘lying’ about vaping – new doco hits Australia


Governments and public health authorities are corrupt, lying and running an elaborate illegal campaign to mislead the public over ways to stop smoking, according to an extraordinary new full-length feature documentary which gets its Australian premiere on July 10.

The film event is at “Howler”, in Brunswick, Melbourne It’s part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and takes place at 2030 on July 10. See:

A Billion Lives exposes how the culture of lying that used to be perpetrated by Big Tobacco – that smoking was cool, trendy and sociable, rather than a means of shortening a smoker’s life – has now been adopted by public health authorities around the world, in a kind of cosy secret alliance with the pharmaceutical industry which is shown to have a vested interest in preserving the death-and-disease regime associated with smoking.

The billion lives in question are the people who the World Health Organization itself claims will be lost during this century because of tobacco smoking. But the film shows up the WHO and other organisations – including the US’ FDA and government departments worldwide – as being corrupt and committing fraud and lies to prevent the widespread adoption of vaping which is now known to be “at least 95 percent safer than smoking” and recommended by impartial scientific and medical experts.

Vaping can be a life-saver – literally – for people who for whatever reason cannot or do not want to stop smoking by going ‘cold turkey’. Yet while ineffective methods such as patches and chewing gums are widely available, e-cigarettes are being restricted or even banned and governments and public health officials around the world are committed to denying the mounting bank of evidence in favour of vaping and making unsubstantiated claims that e-cigarettes are in some way ‘dangerous’.

A major pretext for these “lies”, the film shows, is to preserve the “150-billion-dollar cancer industry” by entrenching the legality of the more dangerous technology – smoking – at the expense of the far less harmful technology, vaping. The film also squarely accuses governments of being far too fond of their revenue from swingeing taxes on cigarettes to be interested in the real potential for improved public health afforded by vaping.

A Billion Lives interviewed a host of experts, from the Winston cigarette pin-up boy of the adverts to Hon Lik, inventor of the e-cigarette (director Aaron Biebert confirmed to that his team had approached many sources in Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, FDA and WHO for comment but all had refused to talk).

Those quoted include Professor Gerry Stimson, Clive Bates, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, Dr Attila Danko (president of Australia’s New Nicotine Alliance), former top WHO executive Derek Yach, and Vincent Van Heerden, a former online vape shop operator from Western Australia.

Vince has been convicted for selling an e-cigarette in a prosecution described at the time as “absurd”; in the film he issued a powerful and emotional appeal for global action to counter the lies being told and the ways in which ordinary people, unable to simply ‘stop smoking’, are effectively being condemned to death for lack of a simple and safe alternative being legally available.

The film will be introduced by Aaron Biebert, the Director, who will also take part in a short Q&A session after the screening.

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