Non-smokers NOT vaping, says ASH


The number of people successfully using e-cigarettes to reduce smoking or quit altogether is rising fast in the UK, according to the harm-reduction sector’s senior source, which has also found no evidence at all that non-smokers want to vape.

Action on Smoking & Health is the ‘grand-daddy’ of all anti-smoking groups. In its latest fact-sheet, ASH surveyed adults in the UK and found:

  • there are currently 2.8 million adults in Great Britain using electronic cigarettes. Of these, approximately 1.3 million (47 percent) are ex-smokers while 1.4 million continue to use tobacco alongside their electronic cigarette use.
  • the number of e-cigarette users has quadrupled in four years from 2012-2016
  • Despite scare stories, ASH has found that non-smokers are not interested in vaping. “Use of e-cigs is confined to current and ex-smokers and use amongst never smokers remains negligible and has not changed since 2012. Over time the proportion of current electronic cigarette users who smoke tobacco has fallen and the proportion who are ex-smokers has risen.”
  • Most electronic cigarette users /vapers are now using a rechargeable product with a reservoir/tank.
  • The use of disposable electronic cigarettes is very low among current users and has fallen
  • Only 9% of vapers are using an e-liquid containing over 19 mg/ml (the limit in the Tobacco Products Directive is 20mg/ml) while 77% of vapers report using e-liquids containing 18 mg/ml of nicotine or less.
  • Among daily vapers only 11% report using more than 4ml of e-liquid a day. Under the Tobacco Products Directive the new limit for tank sizes is 2ml while the size limit for bottles is 10ml. The vast majority (72%) are using 4ml or less of e-liquid a day.

The top three reasons ex-smokers give for currently using electronic cigarettes are:

• “to help me stop smoking entirely” (67%);

• “to save money compared with smoking” (47%), and;

• “to help keep me off tobacco” (43%).

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