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Queensland – wowser heaven!


How about this then: people encouraged to dob in anyone vaping: Don’t even think about whether that e-cigarette being used over the street contains nicotine or not. Just snitch, for snitching’s sake. What a state Queensland must be in today…………………


Governments ‘lying’ about vaping – new doco hits Australia


Governments and public health authorities are corrupt, lying and running an elaborate illegal campaign to mislead the public over ways to stop smoking, according to an extraordinary new full-length feature documentary which gets its Australian premiere on July 10. The film event is at “Howler”, in Brunswick, ..

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E-cigarettes ‘will save lives’


A top Australian doctor and commentator on the e-cigarette-harm reduction issue has weighed in with an unequivocal plea for wider availability of vaping for people who want to quit smoking. In a piece in the influential newspaper The Age, entitled E-cigarettes will save lives and should not be illegal ..

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