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Switching to vaping “substantially reduces health risk” – top cancer charity


A top cancer research organisation has published a simple Q&A to help smokers switch to safer alternatives and recommending use of e-cigarettes. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to cancer research. All its activities are directed towards its ultimate goal of beating ..

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Warsaw focus for harm reduction


The focal point for both experts in public health and harm reduction and enthusiasts for vaping will again be the Marriott Hotel in the Polish capital Warsaw in June, when the Global Forum on Nicotine takes place for the third time. On June 17-18, politicians, regulators, academics and researchers, public ..

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A Billion Lives


The United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) projects that a billion people will die prematurely from smoking. A new feature doco takes the lid off the lies being told to consumers around the world. Watch the teaser here  

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NZ PM – vaping “might be good”


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has opened the door very slightly regarding use of e-cigarettes in his country. In a New Zealand Herald interview he said vaping might be a good way of getting smokers to quit their tobacco habit. “There may be a role for e-cigarettes, certainly in terms of people ..

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Hong Kong research “disgrace”


A top heart specialist has ridiculed a report from Hong Kong that misrepresents the “harm” of e-cigarettes and demanded the reporters of the ‘study’ “need to immediately apologize to the public for creating this story out of nothing.” Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos wrote in his scientific blog ..

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Malaysia – still waiting


Vapers in Malaysia are still waiting to see when their government might actually finally decide to act in favour of vaping as an alternative to smoking. Health and trade ministry officials have been locked in discussions for most of this year so far, with occasional promises of imminent action the only ..

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